Assignment 3/6, due September 26th:

Con Artist's Replica

Here are the art objects we've received for this assignment. Thanks everyone!

Create a replica of something you desire but know you cannot have.

An ordinary con man might substitute such a replica for its model, but your replica will be more real than the original object of desire; we invite you to be a con artist.
Is it a prop, or a partial representation? A functional stand-in that will, in time, yield its position to a more authentic desideratum? Or is this, rather, a copy indistinguishable from the original? Should such a perfect replica be celebrated or feared? Your replica may aspire to answer these questions. It is more likely to pose others.


Discuss your work in progress:
I covet emotions. Victory, for instance. I want a full lap around a stadium.
I'm married and yet I covet a better man.
There's always world peace.
"Covet" might not be the best word to throw around here - I desire a hoverboard, and an awesome beard, but neither one is gonna happen for me soon. I've also been trying to think of something more conceptual, like immortality, world peace, or dinner with Francis Bacon.
I covet a number of things, in an existential way, like I would really like a Bentley but only if it were fuel efficient, so I guess I could make a model of that.

I'm really stuck on an idea for this challenge.
I'm fairly well blessed and not the covetous type.

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