Assignment 4/6, due October 3rd:

Diorama of a Travesty

Here are the art objects we've received for this assignment. Thanks everyone!

He stands in the wings, waiting for his cue. He is about to recite the most famous lines an actor can utter. Staring through a peephole, he surveys his audience; they are well dressed, overstuffed from dinner, preoccupied with mundanity, in need of diversion. He will touch their souls. "To be, or not to be ..." he intones to himself. And then he steps from the wings, stage right, holding Yorick's skull outstretched in his right hand. "To be, or not to be ..." he says grandly then pauses. A pie is thrown from stage left that hits him squarely in the face, and, once again, the audience bursts into wild laughter and applause.

Would you please make a diorama of a theatrical travesty. Something meant to be especially poignant and meaningful that is aped, or caricatured, or turned on its ear. It can be a miniature, certainly no larger than a shoe box.

Assignment #4: Create the Diorama of a Travesty. Ship it via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another courier to:
Ghosts of a Chance
c/o Georgina Bath
tel: 202.633.8532
Suite 4200
Smithsonian American Art Museum
750 Ninth Street NW
Washington DC 20001
The Diorama is due at the museum by Friday, October 3rd. Click here for full rules.


Discuss your work in progress:
Where is the diorama in the photo? I don't have it! -- Georgina
Nobody has made anything with sound yet...
Here is his diorama through the peep-hole on the side of the box.
Here's a cute guy making a diorama for those who forgot what one is.
OMG, k well defines travesty as:
1. An exaggerated or grotesque imitation, such as a parody of a literary work.
2. A debased or grotesque likeness: a travesty of justice. See synonyms at caricature.

and defines caricature as:
1 : exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics

actually MSN*Encarta has the best definition:

trav·es·ty [ trávvəstee ]

noun (plural trav·es·ties)

1. false representation: a distorted or debased version of something
It was a kangaroo court, a travesty of justice.

2. arts grotesque imitation: a literary or artistic work, usually meant as a parody, that ridicules something serious by imitating it in a grotesque or distorted manner

Interestingly enough, wikipedia defines "travesty" with burlesque since burlesque shows often made fun of hotie totie upper class.

I like Urban Dictionary's definition of travesy:
1. a term used to express when you see either a really smokin hot girl or guy whose boyfriend/girlfriend is ordinary-looking or ugly.
2. a mockery, tragedy
Try going to and typing in "caricature." Scroll through the definitions.
I don't have a dictionary on my dashboard. Can you please explain this more?

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