Assignment 5/6, due October 10th:

Memory Vessel

Here are the art objects we've received for this assignment. Thanks everyone!

Hallie stands at the edge of a crowd of mostly middle-aged women, their husbands clustered to one side yammering about how silly can those women be to hero-worship an actor, of all people. Hallie is there to catch the actor's eye but thus far he hasn't seen her - and she stands out a mile not only because she is the only black woman, but she wears men's clothes, work pants over boots and a plaid wool shirt, faded in places from years of scrubbings. The actor smiles, nodding to his left and right, making his way among his fans, scrawling his autograph in books held outstretched. I'm a clean one, Hallie wants to reassure him, wondering if the actor - who is impeccably dressed - associates anyone of her race with cleanliness, because she wants him to, she takes great pride in her cleanliness. She carries a suitcase that contains the sum total of her possessions. She was free born, in New York, in 1822; enslaved in South Carolina at the age of thirteen, and now, at thirty-three, her suitcase contains her way back to freedom. If only he will catch her eye.

Please create a memory vessel - it can be for Hallie, yourself, or a loved one of any gender and species.

Click here to see an example of a memory vessel in the Luce Foundation Center's collection.

Thank you, Daniel Libbe

Assignment #5: Create the Memory Vessel. Ship it via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another courier to:
Ghosts of a Chance
c/o Georgina Bath
tel: 202.633.8532
Suite 4200
Smithsonian American Art Museum
750 Ninth Street NW
Washington DC 20001
The Memory Vessel is due at the museum by Friday, October 10th. Click here for full rules.


Discuss your work in progress:
I'm really tending to want to create something entirely different than a traditional folk art memory jug, using mixed media Pique Assiette mosaic techniques. Just seems too "crafty." I like Kevin Townsend's memory vessel studies using book page media. Yet the assignment points to Hallie's suitcase.
This one is really interesting. I have seen a memory vessel and it was encrusted with things from a man's life, he was a baseball fan and it had his baseball cap on it.

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