Assignment 6/6, due October 17th:

Escape Quilt

Here are the art objects we've received for this assignment. Thanks everyone!

For those of you who cannot attend the October 25th event in Washington, D.C., we want you to leave your imprint on the game play. Will you join together to create a quilt code that has to be deciphered by players on Oct 25th at the museum? Please choose either Honeycomb or Flying Geese. Please work together to produce a decipherable code that we may adapt and integrate into one of the quests on October 25th 2008. You can send your code to Daniel's, Daisy's or Georgina Bath's Facebook accounts, or to Thank you.

There she sits, alone near a campfire behind the theater, working on her quilt. She works with such concentration that others keep their distance. But even without looking up WhatFor knows the actress' eyes are on her. The actress doesn't cut WhatFor any slack whatsoever. The actress wonders why WhatFor is working on her quilt when she should be mending costumes. It's okay. WhatFor makes do; she lost her needle once, didn't have money for a new one and instead of sewing she drew on a square with a piece of coal she pulled from the campfire. She used it for a month until she saved up enough money for a needle and thread.

WhatFor's quilt is a freedom quilt—in charcoal and thread, it tells the story of places she can only imagine visiting once she is free. Please send us a square for a quilt that illustrates places you want to escape to. It can be sewn or drawn.

Thank you, Daisy Fortunis

Assignment #6: Create the Escape Quilt. Ship it via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another courier to:
Ghosts of a Chance
c/o Georgina Bath
tel: 202.633.8532
Suite 4200
Smithsonian American Art Museum
750 Ninth Street NW
Washington DC 20001
The Escape Quilt is due at the museum by Friday, October 17th. Click here for full rules.


Discuss your work in progress:
It may be joined. Or, placed in a way that appears joined. It will not be sewn together.
I'm assuming the patch blocks won't be joined into a patchwork quilt, so block size need not be consistent (e.g., four block versus nine block).

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