How to play

Players are asked to make artifacts to unlock stories that will safeguard the Museum and two of its part time curators, Daniel Libbe and Daisy Fortunis.

Through Daniel and Daisy, spirit guides, who lived 150 years ago, require these artifacts to be made. The right artifact causes the guides to tell another piece of their story. They believe that telling their stories will help them to finally rest peacefully in their graves.

While we welcome it, we don't expect everyone to make an artifact. You can participate by following along with the story; a compilation of them is posted daily on this website under the title "the story."

The object of the game is freedom for all

Spirit guides want freedom from their half-lives of being neither living nor safely dead. The Museum needs freedom from the chaos the interlopers will cause. Daniel and Daisy want freedom from the spirit guides, and you, players, have the freedom to grant it to them - so put a lot of feeling into each piece you make.

Creating Artifacts

Please note that these artifacts will form part of the Ghosts of a Chance initiative, but will not become part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's permanent collection.

Submitting Artifacts

Due to the particulars of the Smithsonian Institution's mail system, objects must be sent via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another courier service. Please do not use USPS mail as it is diverted to a central office for processing that can take up to 6 weeks! Address all submissions to:

Ghosts of a Chance
c/o Georgina Bath
Suite 4200
Smithsonian American Art Museum
750 Ninth Street NW
Washington DC 20001

tel: 202.633.8532

Please make sure your objects arrive on or before the deadline set for each artifact. The first artifact is due Sept 15th; you may need to ship it by the 11th or 12th for it to reach us in time!

We want to make sure that you receive proper attribution for your work. In each submission, please include the following information on a separate typed or clearly-printed sheet:

Each week, we'll select a few of the most creative artifacts to be added to the Luce Foundation Center's online museum. This distinction is one of the highest honors in existence in the Ghosts of a Chance reality. Your name and artist's statement will be published, and your object will be displayed in the Luce Center for all to see for the duration of the game. In effect, you will be secularly canonized.